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This territory is for sale!


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Just Between Friends is seeking energetic, motivated bargain lovers who are dedicated to serving their families and communities. We are committed to our company's core concept of bringing high quality sales events to help families shop, sell and save across the nation!


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This territory is currently for sale. For additional information, please contact Kendell McGowen, Franchise Recruiter, at kendellmcgowen@jbfsale.com or at 1-866-955-1792.


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This Territory is For Sale!

You could own this sale! Contact Kendell McGowen at 866-955-1792.

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Please stay tuned for future schedule information

Why Shop JBF?

Kids grow so fast but most budgets don't.  Shop JBF where you can find 50-90% on everything you need to raise confident, stylish and good-looking kids.

General Presale Information

Local Sales Events welcome and invite special guests in the commuity to attend presale shopping.

General Admission

Typically there is a small admission fee collect to attend the sales event.

Half Price Day

During the last day of the sales events you can save 50% off most items.







This territory is currently for sale. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact our Franchise Recruiter.

Kendell McGowen

At the JBF Events, we are privileged to be able to serve area families by bringing a high-quality sales event that helps them make money and save money.  Each season as we prepare for the upcoming event, we get so excited knowing that our sale helps so many families in the area.

Thank you for choosing to participate in one of our local events!

Our goals are that all families in any of our sale locations and beyond will benefit from the Seasonal Events...thousands of families shopping and providing for their children...hundreds of families recycling their gently used kid items...cleaning out closets, cash in YOUR pockets, benefiting a great local charity!